International Nursing Research Conference 2017
20-22 October 2017
Culture, Co-Creation, and Collaboration for Global Health

Outstanding Nursing Research Award

The TNMC & WANS International Nursing Research Conference 2017 has established this award to encourage nurse researchers to present their research at the conference and to honor outstanding nursing research in international society. The winner of the award may be invited to submit the full paper for consideration for publication in the by the editor of The Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research. The paper must then be submitted to the editor of the journal and will go through a double-blind peer review, following ordinary manuscripts.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration for the award, applicants must meet all the following criteria:
  • The study must have been completed within the past five years (2012-2016)
  • The study must not be related to any certificate or degree fulfillment
  • The study must not have previously received any award
  • Be the first author of the abstract and the full paper and be able to attend the full conference
  • Submit an abstract here by the deadline
  • Get accepted for presentation at the INRC2017 through the abstract submission process
  • Once accepted, submit a full paper by the deadline to be specified by the committee
  • Deliver the research in a poster presentation as scheduled at the conference
Please note the following:
  1. Award applicants are permitted to submit the same abstract also as a regular conference abstract (either oral or poster presentation). Preferences are to be indicated in the submission form. This is, however, not a requirement.
  2. If a submitted abstract and/or full paper was earlier published, a letter of permission for republication from the publisher is required.
  3. The full paper must follow the format required by The Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research for original paper.

Merit Criteria

Award applicants will be judged based on the following academic merit criteria:
  • Originality
  • Contemporary significance and /or scholarly relevance
  • Conceptual, methodological and theoretical soundness
  • Disciplined, focused and persuasive argument
  • Coherent organization and clarity of written expression
  • Comprehensive reference to appropriate literature
  • Quality of presentation of the study (poster session) at the conference

Application Process

Now – 31 May 2017: Submit an abstract here by the deadline.
30 June 2017: Acceptance notification. If accepted, the Outstanding Nursing Research Award Committee will specify the deadline for full paper submission along with an acceptance letter.
Last update: Jul. 14, 2017